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IFLA AWARDS-1st Place: Layers of Time

Title : Layers of Time
Award : IFLA Group Han Prize for Student Landscape Architecture
Authors : Vasiliki Nikoloutsou, Isavella - Ines Oikonomopoulou- Paraskeyopoulou
University : National Technical University of Athens
Department : School of Architecture
Country : Greece

This project deals with Kotichi Lagoon, an aquatic biosystem of international significance and the most important ecosystem of Peloponnese in Greece. The transition of the lagoon from gradual natural evolution, but mostly from unsustainable exploitation, as well as insufficient management, have irreversibly degraded the landscape. This proposal considers the borders through a new definition of time, and considers protection of the fauna and flora of the area, together with human movement, circulation, education and framed views.

The jury commended the clear and strong narrative, and the contemporary approach of dealing with the landscape as well as cultural issues. This is a very convincing project that pushes the boundaries between many disciplines and is not afraid to touch on the ephemeral and intangible concept of time. It is subtle, and could be realized with minimal intervention. The presentation is graphically very strong and poetic.

Courtessy by: http://www.hsr.ch/IFLA.7109.0.html )

Explanatory text
Layers of time

Landscape includes the notion of everchanging time and matter. It is a form in constant flow.Nature's dynamics are in need of space to work and to complete its cycling way.Urban growth,cities and villages,extension,cultivations,human activity.
The uncultivated regions are in a state of extinction.The intensive land cultivation, through agricultural organization, is the spatial translation of the human intervention on the landscape. This way, the private interest comes in conflict with the nature's need for protection and the people's desire to approach and feel the natural landscape.

Kotichi. A small brackish lagoon separated from the sea by dunes and surrounded by patches of saltmarsh and agricultural land. The transition of the lagoon from the gradual natural evolution but mostly from the unsustainable exploitation,in addition to the insufficient management, have irreversibly degraded the landscape.
agriculturalintensification,decreasing of the lagoon's area,reduces of the lagoon’s depth,deformation of the water's ingredients,disturbance,bird species in extinction,endangered flora.

Space &Time. Our proposal is a different approach of time.The borders are seen as a new definition of time, which filters the threats of the ecotope and degrades the human experience. Time-oriented.

The site. the unifed ecosystem of Strofylia – Kotichi,is an aquatic biosystem of international significance and the most important ecosystem of Peloponnese. It's total area is about 35,000 ha and is constantly under pressure from the surrounding human activity. It’s being divided.
Kotichi. The most southern part of the ecosystem.The lagoon is surrounded by a flat area of towns and villages.The national highway and the railway,are located only 5 km away from the lagoon limits, and they are characteristics of the rough human intervention on the natural landscape.

Biodiversity.Circle of time.The area is equivalent to the nest.The proposal works primarily as a protective shield to the fauna and flora of the area,bringing back the cycling time. The nest's weaving works conceptionally and organizes the various relations between the living organisms that live in the area.The different layers are traced:the flying of the birds,the movement of the water and the fish,the matter flow.

Swing.Dotted line. Wander, signage of the points of stopping.The value of the moment.Water, land,water. Between sea and lagoon.The key to design is the short sections and their manipulation.Vewpoints.Highlights of the natural landscape,framing views.Seeing the view.

Fixation.Continuous line. Limited tour.A first reading of the area, quick tour.Line above water. Visual contact with the lagoon.Cultural , environmental education.Opening to the space.

Flow. waterline.Slow motion. Return to the beginning point, being guided by the water flow. Reaching the border through the water, with small boats.

(source: http://www.hsr.ch/IFLA.7109.0.html )

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